Ventriloquist Nate brown with Lobo and Bob the blues bullfrog

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

im no dummy

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet The Feebles

If you dont know me you dont know this. i love the sick twisted and depraved. which is why i was happy to find a film called meet the feebles. Now meet the is not your average puppet movie, hell it's not your average any movie, but once i heard it had puppets i had to see it.Lets give the back story there's this new show called The Feebles Variety Hour but stuff keeps happening puppets  getting smashed, getting their head shoved up their ass oh and a crazy love triangle between a hippo a walrus and a cat. Heidi (the hippo)the main character is in love with the producer bletch (the walrus) who is a sleeze bag as well. Bletch discovers Heidi makes her a star but one problem she cant put down the fork. then there's Harry a bunny who goes at it like a rabbit and gets a disease. then there is Robert (wobert) who is new to the chorus and falls in love with Lucille also new to the chorus. Robert gets in the way of everything also especially Trevor the rat who is a cursing chain smoking  pornographer who eventually molest Lucille. If thats not enough there a heroin addicted frog a gay stressed fox director, a elephant who had sex with a chicken and is a custody battle a huge puppet massacre and it was directed by Peter Jackson so hey check it out